Augustine’s of Central

The Lasting Taste of Summer – Augustine’s Apricots

Central Otago is known as the fruit bowl of the South and with Autumn now upon us, the leaves have definitely turned, and the last of the summer fruit has been harvested.

Local Wanaka chef Gus Hayden preserves the taste of summer with his traditionally hand bottled apricots and apricot jam. He sells his award winning preserved apricots at gourmet food shops around the country and in Wanaka at Florence’s Food Store & Café under his brand Augustine’s of Central.

Gus and Matt have been collaborating in the kitchen over the last couple of weeks. We’ve got our hands on some of these delightful Central Otago preserved apricots lovingly bottled by Gus and we’re very excited to be using them on our seasonal fruit Danishes.

If you’re in Wanaka, local food champion Florence’s Food Store & Café stock both Augustine’s of Central and Pembroke Patisserie Danishes adorned with these golden orbs, so head over there this Saturday for your morning coffee and Danish. It’s always great fun to join forces with like-minded chefs and we’re looking forward to dishing up new and exciting goodies in the coming months.

Bon appétit!