As Featured: GO NZ: Top tips for Wānaka cycling and mountain biking holidays

We love our cycling customers! And it’s great to read that they love us too!

Today we were featured in a great write up in the NZ Herald, where Sarah Bennett gives a run-down of all the favourite local rides that are easily accessible by bike, or by a car then a bike.

Our honorary mentions included:

“Albert Town is home to bustling Pembroke Patisserie, where you can butter yourself up before heading back to town or venturing onward on to various trails starting from the bridge. These include the Deans Bank, Hāwea River, and Upper Clutha River trails that continue downstream towards Luggate. There are several days’ riding in that lot alone.”

And our favourite:

“Whether you’re on the bike or off it, a visit to Pembroke Patisserie is pretty much compulsory. I went five times in a week and ended up mainlining creme anglaise.”

Thanks Sarah!