Pembroke Patisserie Apprentice - Brittany

Find the Left-Handed Frying Pan… We’ve Got a New Apprentice.

For many of our market goers Brittany is already a familiar face at our stall. But what you may not realise is that she is more than a Thursday afternoon salesperson, she is in fact an apprentice baker with Pembroke Patisserie!

Brittany had been doing some work experience with us for a little while and two months ago we offered her an apprentice bakers position, so she has begun formally learning the baking trade from Matt. Matt has quite a specialised skill set and it is important to him to pass on his skills to someone who is very keen and able to learn. Taking on an apprentice in a small business like ours is a big decision, so I guess it signals that our business has now grown enough that we need an extra pair of hands. Brittany already brings with her a great deal of enthusiasm and ideas. She has a great passion for cake making and hospitality and she is keen to expand her skills and gain a trade.

If you asked Brittany to find a left-handed tablespoon, bring a cup of finely chopped flour or fetch a pot of steam, look out! We are very lucky to have found a smart and hardworking trainee and delighted to have Brittany with us. We are excited to see where this apprenticeship will take her. So the next time she serves you your croissant or custard square on a Thursday afternoon – take a moment to thank her for baking them for you!