Pembroke Patisserie - As Featured in Gratia

As Featured in: Gratia Travel Blog

Today we were delighted to see an awesome feature about the Wanaka Farmers Market  and Pembroke Patisserie pop up on our Facebook feed!

Written by the Wyo Paul at Gratia, she explores all of the wonderful stall holders we are proud to stand beside every week at the market.

Read an excerpt below where she extols the virtues of canelé, and check out the full Gratia Blog Post post here.

“On the day when my parents visited Wanaka I was in a great rush to get to the market on time, because I knew from experience that Pembroke Patisserie sells out of canele within about fifteen minutes. If you don’t know about canele yet, it’s a sort of French baked pastry, all soft and vanillary custard in the middle with a chewy, caramelized crust. Basically, after setting myself up with the expectation of having a canele, I needed to make sure that I did indeed get a canele…”