Now stocked in Farro Fresh in Auckland!

Pembroke Patisserie Biscuits are Now Stocked by Farro Fresh in Auckland!

A couple of weeks ago we mentioned that we had been very busy with a big order… and today we are delighted to announce that our Gingerbread Biscuits and Oatcakes are being stocked in all Auckland Farro Fresh stores, just in time for Christmas!

Most of our products don’t travel far from Wanaka, but Farro Fresh now joins the growing number of retailers that are stocking our packaged biscuits and enjoying a little taste of paradise.

If you haven’t tried our biscuits yet, the gingerbread biscuits are a crisp, light, sweet biscuit with a generous blend of ginger and spices which gives them a warm and satisfying flavour.

Developed to be eaten with cheeses, the oatcakes are a delicate biscuit with a toasty oat flavour, buttery texture and a hint of sweetness. Each individual biscuit is hand rolled and cut and wherever possible using the best local ingredients available. The biscuits are fresh, contain no preservatives; they’re just proper biscuits made the old fashioned way by a passionate and dedicated chef.

You can purchase our biscuits from the Wanaka Farmers Market – but they are also available from our online shop anytime!

Shortly we will be sharing some great Hors D’hourves recipes using our Oatcakes to help give you some easy Christmas entertaining ideas! So keep an eye out for those!

Bon appétit! 
Matt & Kirsty