Promising Friendships at Pembroke Patisserie

Pembroke Patisserie Pick Me Up voucher

Promising Friendships at Pembroke Patisserie

Switching off our beloved ovens and coffee machine and closing the doors to Pembroke Patisserie for lockdown has been a tumultuous experience that we will never forget. We’re sure it’s been the same for most people in Wanaka, this beautiful little town that we call home.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and we are rather fond of our little café in Albert Town. We are most certainly fond of you. We’ve missed you all, our customers who have supported us through incredible ups and downs, so much so that the word “customer” doesn’t quite cut it – let’s face it, we’re friends.

Friendships are important for our wellbeing because, like a good flat white and an almond croissant, they nourish the soul. Reconnecting with your favourite people and pleasures is now more important than ever and we want to help you out with that.

That’s why we’re kicking off our Let Us Fill Your Cup campaign and introducing our brand-new Pembroke Patisserie Pick-Me-Up vouchers. These little rectangles of happiness are the promise of a hot date, a long-awaited moment in the coming weeks when you can safely chat face-to-face with your loved ones over a top-notch coffee and whatever else you’ve been craving these past eight weeks.  

As well as treating yourself and catching up with your loved ones, you’ll also be sprinkling some good karma around Wanaka. For every Pembroke Patisserie Pick-Me-Up voucher sold, Pembroke Patisserie will donate a $10 coffee voucher to Community Networks Wanaka. This incredible organisation will share the love by gifting these to people in our community to help them reconnect with friends and family and who could do with a bit of cheering up (and we all know a custard square can do exactly that).  

We understand that re-emerging from the comfort of your cosy bubble may seem daunting at first and we want to assure you that we are taking all the necessary health and social distancing steps to keep you safe, as well as well-caffeinated and well-fed.

When you’re ready, pencil in that Pembroke Patisserie Pick-Me-Up date with that friend you’ve been missing. Then call in and say “hi”, get reacquainted with this amazing community of ours and let us fill your happy cups. After all, you deserve it.

Love Kirsty, Matt and the Pembroke Patisserie team x