Pembroke Patisserie Albert Town Turns 5

I’m not sure where the years have gone, but suddenly its our 5th birthday for our hugely popular and successful flagship patisserie in Albert Town.

What a wild ride it’s been! We are constantly amazed and delighted by the successes we continue to strive for and achieve. Despite the questionable looks, we knew that opening a purpose built kitchen and café in Albert Town was absolutely the right thing to do back in 2017 when the opportunity presented itself. They say timing is everything and this place was it and the location perfect. We love being part of the thriving Albert Town community.  When we opened our doors for the first time on 1st November 2018, we really couldn’t imagine the success and popularity we could have achieved.

We are thrilled to call ourselves an award-winning business, having won the Outstanding in Hospitality & Retail award twice at the Ignite Wanaka Chamber of Commerce Business Awards in 2019 and 2021. Also a highlight in 2021, was being awarded “Best Local Producer” at the Lake Wanaka Tourism people’s choice awards. In 2023 we were awarded the “Best French Bakery” title from the French New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (FNZCCI) in Auckland.

We have certainly achieved a lot in the last 5 years, but we have in no way done it alone. They say it takes a village and we certainly have a magnificent one! Kindness, generosity, authenticity are what we strive for and we have been fortunate enough to have all these things and more reciprocated to us over the years.  We have a lot of loyal and dedicated people to thank who have got us this far. From staff past and present, suppliers, family, friends and of course customers from near and far! Thank you for your unwavering support.

It has always been our intention to bring you a little taste of France in Wanaka. We strive to bring you the best and friendliest service, most consistent coffee and most delicious pastries, desserts and breads we can possibly make. Hospitality is our absolute passion, and we truly mean it when we say, “It’s always nice to see you”.

We will continue to do our very best for you everyday!

Bon appetit.